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Living my life quarterly

Right now, I find myself in the middle of the summer slog. It's hotter than Hades in San Antonio, Texas, and I'm in the thick of it with my job at SeaWorld.

Whenever I find that the slog is getting to me, I try to set milestones for myself: "If I get to this date, then I can celebrate/reassess/move to the next milestone." So my first milestone is September 30, that will mark a year for me at SeaWorld and a chance to reassess.

To help me to that milestone, I will embark on a 90 day yoga challenge. Every day, from now until September 30 I pledge to take some time to practice yoga every day. So I don't set myself up for failure, I'm taking into account my crazy summer schedule. I get one star if I at least complete a 15 minute kriya/meditation. Two stars if I complete a yoga class (either online or in person).

Yoga always clears my head. It will ready my mind/body/spirit for the fourth quarter of 2023, no matter what I decide on September 30.

Who's with me? A challenge is always better with friends. Comment below.

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