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90 Day Yoga Challenge - Days 8-10

My yoga practice these past three days has been really eclectic. I love mixing things up. People who know me know that I'm always restless, and that I never want to be doing the same thing or stuck in the same place for too long. I see that reflected in how I approach my yoga challenge.

On Monday I took a class at the gorgeous Pure Prana Path studio in San Antonio, Texas. The owner taught the class and he led a challenging but trauma-informed invitational practice. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with this studio. So many studios in San Antonio are based in the power yoga/hot yoga traditions. I have no qualms about these traditions, as it's where I started my yoga path. But I'm now looking for therapeutic, gentler yoga. And PPP delivered!

On Tuesday, I started the day with my Yoga Kriya, and then met my dear friend Corina for a Cardio Dance Party. I took it easy with the yoga today since I knew I would be sweating and dancing with her. It's all about balance!

And today, I returned to my favorite online yoga teacher, Maria Shamas who led me in a 40 minute sequence focused on the posterior chain. Hello hamstrings!

How is your 90 Day Yoga Challenge coming along? Comment below.

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