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90 Day Yoga Challenge: days 24-29

The hubby is back home from his retreat and I couldn't be happier. We woke up this morning as the sun was rising, donned our bike helmets and took off to explore the great bike trails of San Antonio. We kept it short this morning because we don't want to burn out before we began, but I like starting my morning this way. We came home, he went to work in his home office and I retreated to my yoga room to do my own personal practice.

I've been feeling a bit anxious as you all know, and having him back in town is really wonderful for my nervous system. I've always said I'm the kite and he's the string. He grounds me and keeps me centered.

My yoga practice this morning was an intuitive one. I started off with some seated stretches, then moved to my yoga kriya (which I'll soon upload to my YouTube channel), did some asana (postures), and ended with some ab work. I'm also trying to cut down on caffeine in the morning, since yoga and exercise is giving me a natural high. I'm not going to cut out coffee completely, because I love the ritual, but I am scaling back a bit.

How is your 90 Day Yoga Challenge going? Comment below!

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