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90 Day Yoga Challenge: Days 18-23

Opportunities are starting to manifest and I have my yoga practice to thank. Although change sometimes brings anxiety, yoga allows me to meet my anxiety and channel it through my body, so it doesn't lie stagnant (and cause me stress).

I'm also incredibly grateful to those of you who are embarking on this yoga challenge with me. Knowing that you are practicing with me (even if we are miles apart), encourages me to keep showing up on my mat. Truth is, I always feel better after practicing yoga, even if at first I don't feel like getting on my mat.

What have you noticed about your yoga practice? Comment below.

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Day 26 was a new experience. I wake up stiff most mornings but especially since I threw my back out last Tuesday. I found a video that you could do starting in bed as you wake up and it moves you out of bed at about 9-10 minutes and continues you into a gentle morning yoga on the floor and standing for another 10-12 minutes. Just what I needed! I might even get in a practice or meditation later of some kind. Enjoy your Sunday, ladies! Let the body flow!

Natalie Buster
Natalie Buster
Jul 31, 2023
Replying to

This sounds like a perfect practice! I love that you're discovering ways to incorporate yoga throughout your day. Keep up the great work!


I was back on my mat this morning for day 25 and 5th day into back recovery! It was all a very gentle practice and slow paced. My body responded so well which is the best feeling. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and know that you are stronger than you think!


Day 24 brought me to the Buster Yoga chair 3 session. What fun for body awareness! While continuing my back recovery, I opted to do some of it standing and it went very well. Today I even incorporated a couple of 5-10 break practice moments during different parts of my work day to get some neck, shoulder, and back stretching in. What a difference it makes! Thank you for your continued support, ladies! Keep finding time for yourselves, you deserve it!


Day 23 and day 3 of back recovery. Got a good practice in with Natalie Buster Yoga chair session 2 and added utthita hostasana in tadasana pose a few times at the end. Good session and off for another follow up adjustment at the chiro. Keep it moving!


Day 22 and day 2 into my back recovery from it going out yesterday morning. Chiro got my aligned and it took 1st try. I did my ice packs and walking yesterday as told along with the chair yoga. Today I'll continue to move as regularly as possible and just finished a new chair yoga video from Natalie Buster Yoga followed up by a meditation video. My muscles are still tight. Recovery of the back muscles after having your back go out can take as much as 6 weeks and that makes me sad to think about. So instead I'm working at envisioning my back getting healed, strong, and stable. The mediation and breathing practices will help me, I kn…

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