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90 Day Yoga Challenge - days 41-90

I did it! Although I didn't take the time to blog about it, I completed the 90 Day Yoga Challenge that I set up for myself. Did I lose any weight or get extremely buff? No, quite the opposite. Because instead of focusing on physical fitness and weight loss (as so many challenges do), I focused instead on mental health.

Each day I did some form of yoga. Sometimes that looked like a public class at a yoga studio in town after which I would feel sore and achy. Sometimes that looked like taking five minutes to connect with my breathing and to set an intention for the day. Most days it looked like a simple yoga kriya, where I would warm up my body physically with breath, gentle movement, and intention.

During this time, I discovered that my current job at SeaWorld (although filled with amazing people) wasn't the right fit for me at this time. I listened to my true calling and was lucky enough to have a job created for me at ABODE, Contemplative Care for the Dying where I'll be serving as a hybrid event planner/training facilitator/resident yoga therapist. This challenge also created space for me to dip my toes back into my true passion - theatre. I created the Grounded Actor Project, an opportunity for actors to replenish their energetic bank account, which I was able to workshop at Red Rocks Community College just outside of Denver. And most exciting of all, I was able to resubmit my video audition from last year to the national tour of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and got cast as Auntie Who in the west coast leg of the tour! We play Spokane, Vancouver, Reno, LA's Pantages Theatre, Costa Mesa, San Jose, and Sacramento! I'll be blogging about my tour over on the Grounded Actor Page, so make sure to sign up for updates!

I was honored and touched that my cousin Jen also partook in this challenge with me, and found her love for yoga. Congratulations Jen! Shout out to my mentor Mary for jumping on the bandwagon as well. Love you ladies!

It's amazing what taking a few minutes each day for myself has done for me. I was able to quiet my thoughts, sync into my heart's true longing, and follow my dreams.

What can a daily yoga practice do for you?

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Proud of you guys! Love you! 💓

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