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The Subtlety of the SI Joint:
Maintaining and Creating Pelvic Stability

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(in lieu of Yoga For Everybody)


"Hipwork" is one of the most common answers to the question of what students want to work on in their yoga practice. Our hips often feel tight, uncomfortable, tense or even painful and stretching tends bring only temporary relief, if any. When there is pain or discomfort around the hips or low back it is usually not enough to to do a few pigeon poses and hope for the best. 

In fact, maintaining a healthy pelvis or remedying pelvic discomfort through yoga is going to require more than applying asana (poses). It needs us to really deepen our inner awareness and to adjust (or even let go of) some of our favorite practices. 


In this workshop you are invited to dive deep into the more subtle sensations in your pelvis and to create more inner awareness of what is right for you, both on and off your yoga mat. 

Most long term yoga practitioners will at some point experience discomfort around their Sacroilliac Joint. This workshop is recommended for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. 

P.S. This workshop will not address pelvic floor problems (please check out Leslie Howards's classes for pelvic floor work). 

Cost: $25


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