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meet your wellness coaches

Marleen stam-gibbs
Trauma Sensitive Certified Yoga Therapist
Prenatal Yoga, Hatha Fusion,

I have been teaching yoga since 2002, gradually adding on training and experience, and currently hold certifications as a Yoga Therapist, and a Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator. I specialize in Yoga for Trauma and Yoga and Trigger Point work. I am currently facilitating trauma-informed yoga therapy for kids, teens, and adults in an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital several days a week, besides teaching classes for Lacuna Community. My interest has always been in how yoga can make people feel better, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I firmly believe that yoga should be made accessible to anybody, no matter their age, shape, ability, or financial means!


I started practicing yoga when Marleen needed students to earn her yoga teacher certificate, many many years ago now. She is thorough, patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. She has continued to grow as a teacher and always brings her new information to her classes. I appreciate her personalized classes, and how much she genuinely wants her students to succeed/feel better/be happy/etc. This yoga studio is highly recommended, and in particular the classes with Marleen. I also appreciate all the steps the owners have taken to still provide classes during this pandemic.


Laura Nash
E- 500 RYT, C-IAYT
Adaptive Yoga Specialist, Multi-dimensional Yoga Instructor and Certified Yoga Therapist

In my Yoga Therapy practice and yoga classes, I aim to serve my clients and students by facilitating the awareness of themselves as multidimensional, sentient beings, regardless of the ailments or limitations, perceived or real, which exist within them. I support students and clients to move and breathe with intention through their bodies on and off the mat to experience themselves in their entirety; not just the parts of their body that feel good, or the parts that they have control over, but the ability to experience themselves in their wholeness. 

All bodies are different and all yoga is adaptable. We all differ in our shape, strength, flexibility, mobility, height, weight, tension, energy level, and ability at any given time.

Available for private sessions and in-person one one one sessions. 


Laura was gentle and compassionate and concerned about each attendees personal issues and said she would be planning her classes to our needs. I like that so much. No judgments, just a time to heal and get healthy. Thank you 2nd Bloom. I am here because this has always been Marleen’s philosophy. Kindness and understanding no matter where you are at in your health journey. They just want to help us get better!


natalie buster
Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Intern, Brain Longevity Specialist, Integrative Yoga Instructor

I began my yoga path during theatrical studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  After living as a professional actress in NYC for 12 years, I discovered yoga therapy through Sundara Yoga Therapy in Austin, TX and began weaving my experience and education in theatre with yoga practices in 2011.  Always a bit of a nomad, I received my 500 hour yoga therapy certification from Niroga Yoga Therapy in Oakland, CA, and my Trauma Informed Yoga training in Austin, TX and Tulsa, OK.  I am currently a yoga therapist in training, obtaining my final 800 hours through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.  I live in San Antonio, Texas and can be seen online performing in virtual play readings and teaching yoga for adults and children.

Check out her website HERE.


Natalie changed my reason for getting up early. I need more spirit in my life and her teaching shows me how!


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