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I began my yogic path during theatrical studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  After living as a professional actress in NYC for 12 years, I discovered yoga therapy through Sundara Yoga Therapy in Austin and began weaving my experience and education in theatre and the voice with yoga practices in 2011.  Always a bit of a nomad, I received my 500 hour yoga therapy certification from Niroga Yoga Therapy in Oakland, CA, and my Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy training in Austin and Tulsa.   ​

It has always been my great passion to unite the yogic and meditative arts with creative expression and personal growth.  I believe that every human being has an opportunity to vibrate at a higher frequency and that together, we can raise the collective frequency of our community. 

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I found the arts at an incredibly early age, but the mindfulness came much, much later. My greatest artistic joy is found in direction, but my work includes performance, direction, and technical credits across north Louisiana and throughout San Antonio. A lifelong overachiever, I found a breaking point somewhere in the first few months of the pandemic, and life brought me to Second Bloom Yoga and eventually, Lacuna Community. I am the joyful mother of one incredibly precocious little girl, and I serve as CFO of The Public Theater of San Antonio. I am beyond proud and honored to be a founding member of the board of Lacuna Community, and a part of this production team.




I’ve been a member of the KLRN public television family for 9 years. I began my journey as a receptionist and occasional costume character and now serve as their Vice President of Institutional Advancement, working to open a world of lifelong learning for the South Central Texas community. I earned my journalism degree from the University of the Incarnate Word where I was member of their second Honors Program class. When not at the station, I can usually be found spending time with family or rehearsing for a production at a local theater.




I have been teaching yoga since 2002. I’m a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Therapist. Additionally, I have done certifications in Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga, Yoga for Seniors and Yoga for Kids. Since my certification, I have done courses in Restoraflow Yoga, Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Tykes, Veteran’s Yoga, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), Trigger Point Coaching and Thai Yoga Massage. I am currently facilitating trauma-informed yoga therapy for kids, teens and adults in an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital several days a week, besides running Second Bloom Yoga.

I firmly believe yoga should be made accessible to anybody, no matter their age, shape, ability, or financial means.

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jessica mitchell, lmft, ma
board member

I am an actress, poet and mental health clinician merging my worlds to provide edutainment aimed at helping others harness their power. I enjoy using my talents and skills to promote a greater well being for those struggling with life's challenges. I believe harmony comes with showing up authentically, educating, and making time for fun - all things I strive to not only achieve, but to promote. I have been a therapist for nearly 8 years, an actress for well over a decade, and a poet for longer than each career combined. Healing is found through every piece of my life, and that is what I wish for all. 



"our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." - Marianne Williamson

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I love theater and learning! I have been working in theater for about a decade now and it is my moonlight! I recently received a Dual Master’s and now I work in management and that includes Project, IT, and stage. I highly enjoy the bustle of my life and work, but I had to find balance, focus, and practice; so, I started implementing new personal growth tools, and they have aided me to this day! I believe in spirituality, mind, and atmosphere and that the practice of loving, understanding, and enjoying those fundamentals is guaranteed to make life better!


Richard Wilmore
board member

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and have lived in Texas for over 4 years. I'm basically the poor version of Ryan Seacrest. I am the creator and host of my award-winning self-titled Talk/Variety Show while also hosting, directing, and producing other projects, including the arts-in-health podcast, Arts For The Health Of It. I am also the Director of Storytelling for the San Antonio nonprofit, Hearts Need Art.  I believe that my purpose in life is to provide a stage for the talented people of the world.


ginger gamble martel
board member

I am an actor with a background in musical theater. I’ve had the pleasure of transitioning to film, television, voiceover, and commercial work since the pandemic. Through this transition, I have affirmed for myself that regardless of the medium, I am a storyteller at heart. I am passionate about bringing the arts, both performing and visual, to our communities in a way that makes them accessible for all. Yoga has been a big part of my life since I took my first class in 2001 and I feel strongly that everyone can benefit by practicing yoga. The mindfulness and breathing techniques have been useful in every aspect of my life.

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Juan Arreche, MS, LPC 
board member

I am a mental health counselor, musician, light worker, nature-lover, adventurer, and have a love for the mind and body connection. I have always felt the need to explore more of how we can connect with ourselves as well as each other.  We are only here for a few breaths, which is something I learned and serves as a potent, short, simple statement that has remained with me within the past three years during a Bikram yoga session.  Breath work, as well as meditation, manifestation, body movement, and visualization have been of great use to me personally, and within my personal and professional life. I currently own and operate my own mental health counseling private practice called Sound Mind Counseling Services here in San Antonio, TX. I work with individuals, couples, and teenagers.  I have been practicing in the field since 2015, graduating from Our Lady of the Lake University with a deep calling to help others help themselves.  I do this by having engaging conversations with others throughout their introspective journey, as a lantern to guide them through their caves, to find their personal treasures within.  I used to be a huge "do-er" but now put emphasis on how to "be" here now, in the present, and how that translates to the gift of being human. To be a self.


"The universe, she is wounded...

And everybody says that she's beautiful." -Gregory Alan Isakov

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Michele Dalbis-Robledo
board member

I was born just outside of New York City and raised in Connecticut. I attended Western Connecticut State University to earn my Bachelors degree in Psychology. At 27 I made a plan to chart my own course and move away from my huge Italian family to somewhere warmer. That was  36 years ago when I visited San Antonio during Fiesta week and knew I’d found my home. 

I met my best friend on that trip and some time later, I married him. He is the nicer of us, hands down. We have two children . One loves theatre and is a pool shark. The other is definitely more politically minded and was a collegiate swimmer so he may be considered a shark in the pool.  

I am currently the Vice President of my HOA (I was President for 8 years). I spent 15 years in the investment industry, and then went on to work as an enrollment advisor and success coach for undergrad and graduate programs. I decided it was time to do things I felt drawn to which led me to working in a city council district office, ran of office, was a Census supervisor,  transported minors coming across our border to family members in the states, and am an election judge. The health and welfare of our city is a deep concern. I am truly honored by this invitation to serve and humbly accept this opportunity. 

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