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become a part of the lacuna troupe!

please read instructions below before submitting

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Please note: We are also partnering with Bubble Sisters Productions.  Please fill out the submission form if you also interesting in being considered for Bubble Sisters opportunities.

We are looking for artists to join our movement and to become part of our Lacuna Troupe!

Lacuna Community was created during the Pandemic of 2020.  We watched as our friends and colleagues struggled with self-care during this challenging time and we wanted to do something about it.  We believe that every human being has the potential to grow and heal, and that together, we can heal our communities, too. Lacuna, like the definition, is an empty space, the pause between breaths, the moment before, a space of potential energy.  A space to grow.


As a Lacuna Troupe Member, you will be a part of a nationwide online community with performing and artistic opportunities such as play readings, cabarets, spoken word and poetry slams, dance jams, writing groups, and much more.  Troupe membership includes free access to our wellness offerings (yoga and meditation), and specialized workshops and class series with professionals from NYC, LA, and more.  We will use the “Artist’s Way” as our guide and will meet once a week in an online group setting, where we can explore and present our creativity, in all the wonderful ways it manifests.

Troupe members are required to attend two wellness classes per week and participate in a weekly online artists’ meeting (all are free of charge).

Lacuna Troupe membership is limited at this time, and we are seeking artists of all types from anywhere in the country.  Please see below for specific submission/audition information.  All submissions will be virtual and are due no later than Tuesday, September 7 at 5 PM CT.

Use THIS LINK to start.


All are required to write a 500-word essay. Subject is “why my creativity is important to me.”

Video submissions can be pre-recorded performances or links to your reel.

Actors: 2 contrasting monologues

Musical Theatre Actors: 1 monologue and 1-2 songs of your choice

Writers: 2 samples of your writing style (any style)

Visual Artists: 2 samples of your artwork (pic is fine)

Dancers: 2 contrasting samples of your dance style

Singers (non-musical theatre): 2 contrasting songs


Please fill out THIS FORM first.  You then have the option to submit your essay in PDF or Word format and links to your work to with the subject line “Lacuna Troupe Submission”.  


lacuna community is not a theatre company.  this is a space to grow artistically.  

Each member of the Lacuna Troupe will be selected because of their talents, expertise, and passion.


Our core values at Lacuna Community are balance, compassion, and clarity, and we invite every Troupe member to share those values with us.  Every class, workshop, rehearsal, and performance will be conducted with these core values at the forefront, so we can make our lacuna a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

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