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We at Lacuna Community believe that theatre is a power that we can ignite in ourselves without causing self-harm.


Over the years, we have heard stories from colleagues and friends about the challenges they face when performing or working with challenging material.  Even if the material is joyful, it is sometimes hard to get up the energy to perform or rehearse night after night, day after day.  It is also difficult to let the material go at the end of the night.  We have heard stories of actors self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to try to release challenging material, sleeping pills to try to sync up with circadian rhythms that are out of whack due to the schedule of a theatrical professional, and actors losing their voices at crucial times during the tech period due to the increased demands on their bodies and voices.


We have also seen this most obviously displayed in the way rehearsals are run, where negative feedback is the norm.  This is not helpful in developing creative expression.  Could there be a better way to create a safe and stable foundation to deal with the demands of creative expression?  We think there is.


We have created a program called the Lacuna Community Method.  LCM uses the tools of yoga and meditation to build that safe and stable foundation for creative expression.  Using a trauma-informed approach, and rooted in ahimsa (first do no harm), we work with our partners to create safe boundaries and consent, utilize techniques to free the natural voice, and explore self-care practices to ensure a safe space to grow artistically.


We can visualize this collaboration in any way that works best for your organization.  This is just a starting point, to get an idea of where we can go.  Prices are negotiable.  Contact us to get started.

Production - Centric Option

Lacuna Community will provide two one-hour workshops (one to be done at the beginning of the rehearsal period, one to be done during tech week - or whenever makes the most sense for your production) during the length of a production contract.  All members of the production will also have access to our video library.

Shadow Show
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$500 per show

Retainer Option

In addition to the weekly classes, video library, and production workshops, Lacuna Community will provide a consulting service consisting of eight one-hour sessions to work with directors and staff to explore specific trauma-sensitive material, and trauma-informed communication and organizational structure.

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$1500 per quarter

Season - Centric Option

Lacuna Community will host a weekly class for the entirety of the season.    Topics will include (but are not limited to) vocal care, stress management, and mindful communication. Resident company members will also have access to our video library.

Theater Lights
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$1000 per quarter

A la carte Options

  • Private 1:1 sessions with actors, staff, or creative team  

  • Zen and the Art of the Audition workshop 

  • Yoga/Mindfulness retreat 

  • Breathwork workshop 

  • Chakra Character Workshop 

Theater Performance
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$100 per hour

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