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our mission is To foster connection through wellness, creative expression, and personal growth.  Won't you join us?


Lacuna (noun): An empty space, gap, missing part, an opening. In anatomy, a cavity or depression, especially in bone - providing a habitat for osteocytes to form

Lacuna was created during the Pandemic of 2020.  We watched as our friends and neighbors struggled with self care during this challenging time and we wanted to do something about it.  We believe that every human being has the potential to grow and heal, and that together, we can heal our communities, too. Lacuna, like the definition, is an empty space; the pause between breaths, the moment before, a space of potential energy.  A space to grow.  

In this lacuna we offer wellness programming, personal growth programming featuring experts at the top of their fields, and creative programming which can guide us all towards finding our true voice and expression.  Through grants and generous donations, we have the ability to offer this programming for free and at a reduced price - so that all people, regardless of income or social status, can grow.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

About our logo artist, laura nash

My mission in life, Art, Dance, and through Yoga:

My passions are care giving, art, dance, birth, social justice, and yoga.

In art and dance, I travel through music, beats, color, and movement with high intensity and deep emotion; the way I live my life…and the way I approach Yoga.

My Art, Dance, and Yoga are the very beat of my heart; the essence of my soul. The core of who I am. Life does not imitate art. Life IS art.

In my teaching and facilitating of yoga, I take a very hands-on healing approach.

My emphasis on teaching Yoga includes Vinyasa, mat work, Restorative/Yin and Adaptive Yoga for persons with mobility limitations and for injury and trauma.

I have learned that facilitating the care and wellness of others is an essential part of our own well-being. For we are all connected and therefore, the better everyone is doing, well…the better everyone is doing!

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