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As a cancer survivor, I have personally found yoga therapy to be a great tool in helping me navigate the highs and lows of my "cancer journey".  From diagnosis to treatment to recovery, cancer affects us all differently.  By working with me, you may find that yoga therapy is a powerful tool to access the life lessons that cancer provides.  I will work with you privately for four sessions to help you uncover a path towards healing using breath practices, gentle movement, and self study.  More sessions can be added, depending on need.


During our first 90 minute session, we will assess and establish physical, emotional, and energetic goals.  We will continue honing our practice during the next three sessions (60 minutes each) so you can have a home practice that will help you through this chapter of life.


Price is $350 for the set of 4 sessions.

Additional sessions are $100 per hour.

Sessions can be held via Zoom or in person (San Antonio residents only).

Contact me for more information or to get started

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