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Goddess Interpretive Movement An Intro to Belly Dancing correct.png

Goddess Earth Movement: An intuitive approach to dance as personal expression (for beginners and beyond)


Connect to yourself and the world around you through dance. Our bodies were made to move and we find the healthiest version of ourselves when we learn how to tap into our inner desire for movement and expression. 


Join Laura for this earthy and interpretive form of belly dance complemented with archetypal dance movement and many types of contemporary dance. We will move with sharp, spicy flares along with grace and fluidity to find our personal preference for expressive movement. 


Laura has been dancing for years and believes that dance strengthens the very core of a person. She derives great joy and peace through dance and movement and by sharing it with others.


We are supportive and inclusive of people of all genders, ages, sizes, shapes and abilities to find their spirit through dance.

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