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We sat down with our Wellness Director, Marleen Stam-Gibbs to discuss the transition and what that means for you.

We hope to answer some of the questions you will undoubtedly have about our upcoming transition. Please keep in mind that these answers represent our current plans and that as we progress, they may run into snags that we haven't foreseen. 

Do you have questions, feelings, thoughts, or suggestions that you want to share? We'll listen!

Q: Will my class card or membership still be valid? 
A: Yes. Class cards or memberships purchased before July 1st will be valid after July 1st. 

Q: Will you raise prices? 
A: We are not planning on increasing prices any time soon. Please remember we have scholarships available for anyone who needs one! 

Q: Will my favorite teacher/class remain on the schedule? 
A: Laura, Marleen and Natalie will keep teaching their most popular classes, but some of the less popular ones will gradually be cut over the next few months. Some specialty classes, such as the Chakra class series will be offered as series that will need to be paid separately. This way we can condense our schedule to 2 or 3 classes a day eventually, which we need to do to stay afloat financially. Noelle has decided that this is the last month she will be teaching her morning Flow classes. We do hope to bring her back for specialty classes and workshops on a regular basis! 

Q: Will my gift card credit transfer? 
A: Gift Card credit will need to be used before July 1st, unless you ask us to make an exception. We have a lot of credit on the books from way back in Benicia Yoga & Wellness days, that we do not want to transfer. Most of this is from people who have never taken an online class with Second Bloom, so it's not very relevant (they will all get a personal email, though!). If you are taking classes and you still have a credit that is too big to use in the next 3 months, please contact us and we'll make sure it gets transferred!

Q: Will we ever have in person classes? 
A: We sure hope so! Perhaps they will be in San Antonio first. Perhaps we'll find a space in Benicia that works for us. Especially with the restrictions lifting in June, we may get enough people to commit to in person classes to be able to afford a space. 

Q: Why don't we just do class in the park? 
A: All commercial activities in Benicia parks require permits from Parks & Rec and those are not cheap. Temperature is often an issue too: when the marine layer is present it gets cold, if not, it's hot. There is too much shade, too little shade... It's not that simple. 

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