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Yoga Is Recovery

Yoga saved my life.

When I was an actress in New York City, I was living a sort of wild life. Drinking, staying out late, not remembering what I did the next morning, who I talked to, what I might have said. It all seemed par for the course for an actress. After all, my work day started when most people’s ended. And I was so excited and amped up after every show, that I needed some way to calm down, to self soothe. Adding to that the competitive nature of my business, and the lifestyle it carried (after parties, late night jam sessions), my behaviors were taking me on a journey to nowhere good.

One day a friend of mine took me to a hot yoga class. I loved how it made me feel - the fact that it made me feel SOMETHING. It didn’t numb me out. I was immediately hooked, but soon found myself engaging in the same addictive tendencies with this physical practice that I had with my drinking. Just being physical wasn't enough for me. I had replaced my addiction to alcohol to a new addiction to hot yoga.

Then I found true yoga. Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice, although it is a part of it, definitely. Through yoga, I was able to use my senses and find self-soothing rituals that didn’t require alcohol. I slept better, stressed less, and made healthier decisions in my time off the mat. I even gave up alcohol because I just didn’t need it anymore. I didn’t need to numb out. I wanted to feel everything.

Because of my experience with yoga and addiction, I wanted to bring this healing practice to you.

Are you or someone you know struggling with addictive habits that you wish you could change but don’t know how? It doesn't have to be alcohol - addiction is everywhere: gambling, screen time, gaming, overeating, undereating, pharmaceutical drugs. Even if you’re just “sober curious”, you are not alone and there is a path to freedom.

This eight-week series integrates the ancient practices of yoga and Ayurveda with modern recovery tools. It is open to anyone looking to address his/her addictive habits at the root level.

Each class will offer:

  • Compassionate instruction/discussion on the deeper causes of addiction

  • Soothing practices such as deep breathing, full body relaxation, gentle movement and meditation

  • Simple ways to quiet mental chatter, regulate emotions, and support your health and well-being

  • Tools you can use in your everyday life that will empower you to make clear, powerful choices.

Since discovering the freedom that yoga provided 12 years ago, Natalie has been teaching yoga privately and in public classes. She is passionate about sharing the tools that pulled her out of her addictive tendencies and into her life. She is always learning and considers herself a forever student.

Yoga of Recovery 8-Week Series starts on Sunday, March 27 at 5 PM PST/6 PM MST/7 PM CST/8 PM EST. No need to sign up for the full series. This series is included in all class packages and memberships.

Sign up HERE.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Request a scholarship HERE.

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