The Vulnerable Act of Creation

So I was chatting with my friend Ann recently about the vulnerable act of creation. She wrote to me (I'm paraphrasing) how we're all just sponges in a way, even the best of us - always consuming: art, media, information, news, music, etc. It can be vulnerable to turn that consumption on its head and provide the antidote: creation.

To me, creation is just that: an antidote to the war and suffering we've all been through these past two years (and beyond, let's face it). If war and COVID have been destructive, what better way to answer than with creativity? It doesn't have to be great, or even good. But it's important to create.

In my work on processing my grief, I'm entering the stage of vulnerability. I've been writing, I've been learning about different ways to teach yoga, and now I'm ready to be vulnerable with that. I've finished the first draft of a book I've been wanting to write for 20 years and I'm starting to "open the door", as Stephen King says in his book, On Writing for others to see what I've been up to.

I'm also ready to be vulnerable about my sobriety. I'm offering an 8-week series starting at the end of the month called Yoga of Recovery: Supporting Sobriety by Balancing Body and Mind. During this series, we'll work with our vulnerability and meet it with creativity, finding the sweetness in life and inviting ourselves to live fully in the world. You can read more about that class HERE.

I'm also starting to reach out more, be more involved in the world. The pandemic diminished my spirit a little, and I also know that another antidote to suffering is connection. I'm up for a chat or a walk. Of if you're curious about private yoga sessions, we can also use that as a way to connect. Ultimately, I'm eager to lift others up, and be lifted up in return. To me, that's the only thing we can do.

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