I'm Running at Etsy Sale!

I'm so excited to be using Etsy to help give my mom's cherished items a new home. Maggie, Dad and I have been able to process a lot while we methodically and reverently go through Mom's beautiful objets d'arte.

People seem to really love the Vera Neumann linens as well as the Fitz and Floyd ceramic figurines. One area that hasn't been getting a lot of love is my old doll collection which I also have up for sale.

If you know me, you know that my dolls were never played with, only cherished and adored from afar. Each doll is in pristine condition. If you have a doll collection or a child who would like to start a doll collection, these beauties would bring a lot of joy. I have vintage Madame Alexander dolls and vintage Effanbee dolls.

To get sales moving, I'm running a sale. 15% off of every doll in our shop! Click here to automatically have the code ready to go:

As a reminder, all profits from our Etsy sales go towards a Sister Trip with Maggie and me once her treatment is complete. She got some great news yesterday (her PET scan was clear!!!) so we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

All dolls come with free shipping. Here are some pictures of the belles of the ball.

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