I'm on Etsy!

Well, Sweet Lady Jane's Closet is on Etsy. My sister and I are going through the slow and mindful process of sifting through Mom's beautiful things. Some we are keeping for ourselves, some we are not ready to do anything with yet. And some we are selling on Etsy.

We have created three sub-shops within Sweet Lady Jane's Closet: Vintage dolls, Fitz and Floyd, and Vera Kitchen Things. The dolls are from my childhood, and include Madame Alexander dolls and Effanbee dolls. Fitz and Floyd is a brand of beautifully crafted ceramic objets d'arte, and Vera's Kitchen Things are gorgeous kitchen towels, napkins, and potholders that have never been used.

Going through Mom's things hasn't been easy, but it's been therapeutic at times. Yesterday, Maggie and I were standing in Mom's walk-in closet, systematically putting her blouses in a bag for Goodwill. Everything was neatly hung, everything was pressed, everything was incredibly stylish. I envy the person who finds these treasures at the Goodwill here in San Antonio. Mom had impeccable style.

So, if you're curious, check out Sweet Lady Jane's Closet on Etsy. Share the link with anyone you think might be interested.

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