I Have an Assistant!

Look at my cutie administrative assistant!

I was tickled pink when my own little Jakey pillow arrived in the mail. I've been bereft of his presence, due to COVID and Jakey, being four years old, is too young to be vaccinated. So my beautiful sister Maggie, gave me the next best thing - my own Jakey pillow to assist me with my work.

The constant up/down of this pandemic has left me a bit dizzy. The numbers are down, let's all get together; the numbers are up, time to self-isolate again. It's maddening. I'm sure I'm not the only one going through this nonsense. Now that the weather is a little nicer though, I foresee a future where I can hug and play with my nephew in real life. But for now, Jakey is going to help me with all of the Etsy orders coming in! Click HERE to see what's new in our shop!

But Jakey, you probably need to clean your desk! Clutter is the enemy of the creative spirit!

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