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As we transition towards death, yoga can be a calming and satisfying guide - pointing us towards sweetness and compassionate contemplation. 


Bedside Yoga with Natalie is designed with the client who is at the end of his/her life, caregivers, and support team in mind.  Each session will be crafted around the client’s needs, desires, and energy levels.  A typical session may include (but is not limited to) gentle stretching and movement, breath practices, guided meditation, and chanting and singing.  Natalie will meet each client where they are and design the practice around what is happening in the current moment. 


Natalie will be on site at Abode Contemplative Care in San Antonio, Texas on Fridays from 3-4 PM.  Guests, family members, medical personnel, staff, and volunteers are all welcome to join in.


If you are interested in providing Bedside Yoga with Natalie for a loved one, contact me for more information.